EV Solutions

Don't wait to start planning for EV and EV infrastructure implementation. Regulation check points are approaching fast, and there are numerous grants and incentives available at the state and federal levels. We'll even help you find the funding to cover the expense of compliance, while also drastically reducing costs and improving profits.
  • Resource & Budget Allocation Management
  • Product Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  • Staff Resource- Training & Implementation
  • Mobile Electricity as a Service
  • Energy Efficiency Program Maintenance & Data
  • Funding & Incentive Grant Administration
  • CARB Compliance

Choose MS Construction and get ready to embark on an eco-friendly future with our cutting-edge EV solutions. We specialize in integrating electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure into your projects, providing sustainable and smart-thinking solutions. From EV charging stations to energy-efficient designs, our expert team is dedicated to reducing carbon footprints and promoting green practices. At MS Construction, we understand the importance of embracing EV technology for a cleaner, greener tomorrow. Our commitment to innovation and environmental consciousness sets us apart, ensuring that your projects align with the future of sustainable construction. Choose MS Construction for EV solutions that not only meet current demands but also pave the way for a beautiful energy-efficient future.



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